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Why don't you have an on-line catalog?
For the same reason we don't even have a print catalog - because we represent over 60 golf manufacturers, all of whom regularly update their offerings.  Some of our apparel brands put out three or more new collections a year.  We think our time is better spent serving Corporate Golf's clients than updating a catalog. 
In less time than it would take you to view the thousands of photos we would have to post to show everything Corporate Golf has to offer, we can find out your needs and budget by phone, help you pinpoint a manageable number of excellent choices, and have manufacturer's catalogs - or, better yet, samples - on their way to you by FedEx.  Doesn't that sound easier and better?

We do link to the on-line catalogs of our manufacturers who have them so those who want to can see more models.  For example, you can see the in-stock catalogs of many of our apparel brands - including Cutter & Buck, Ashworth, Fairway & Greene, and Zero Restriction - and the entire equipment and accessories lines of TaylorMade Golf and Callaway Golf on their company sites by clicking on the hyperlinks on their individual pages.  

Why don't you show prices on your web site?
Because Corporate Golf's customers buy in quantity, and our pricing depends not only on the quantity of any single item they purchase, but also on the total of their entire order.  Let's say you have 60 players in your golf outing, and you want to buy a shirt for each player  - plus a cap, golf towel, and divot tool for each player.  Do you think you should pay the same price for the shirts as any customer buying 60 shirts?  No one at Corporate Golf does.  Even if we could program our web site to show you "the" price, only our people could give you the lower price we believe you deserve if you're buying all those items from us.  

How fast will I get my order?
An order with a new logo will generally be delivered to you in 3-5 weeks, depending on the item and the season.  (We will tell you if the brands/item you want requires a longer lead time.)  Reorders normally take 2-3 weeks.  If you're in a rush, though, we can expedite orders for golfwear, towels, etc. because of our custom embroidery facilities.  And, while we do pass on charges for expedited freight, Corporate Golf has never charged a rush fee.  The bottom line: tell us when you need it, and if we say we can do it, you'll get it on time.

What if my logo is several colors?  Will I pay extra?
Embroidery costs the same for one to six colors.  (However, a six color logo may not look good on a patterned shirt!)

What if I don't want my apparel embroidered?
Hey, are you really buying for your company?  If not, please go to our links page, or back to your search engine - you're on the wrong site.

Do you mean everything needs to have my logo on it?  Even clubs, and prizes?
Of course not, if you don't want them customized.  We just don't sell to consumers.

What's the easiest way to contact you?
Fax us (preferably on a piece of letterhead showing the logo you want) with your name, company, office telephone number, the best time to call you, and some info about what you need, how many, and when.  Or you can just call us.  You can also email us via our Customer Inquiry Form, but in all honesty, you'll get a faster response by phone or fax.  We get so darn much spam, it sometimes takes us a while to slog through it.   


How To Reach Us:

(Corporate & tournament inquiries only, please - 
consumers, please go to our Links page)

Phone:   (910) 215-0632
Fax:   (910) 215-0172

Business Hours:   M - F 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM Eastern

Corporate Golf is located in the beautiful Village of Pinehurst, NC

We also invite you to use our INQUIRY FORM, however we can respond faster to phone calls or faxed inquiries. 


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Copyrightę Corporate Golf  1997 - 2014.  All rights reserved.
This site last updated 08/30/2014





Corporate Golf provides fast, efficient service for volume orders to corporate and tournament clients only.  (We do not sell to consumers!)  We offer top brand name golf apparel, equipment, accessories, and gifts, all customized with your corporate logo, company name, tournament logo, or event name.  Here are the answers to some of our most frequently-asked questions.