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At Corporate Golf, we understand that your corporate logo is a symbol of your company, and must be reproduced faithfully.  That's why only the finest custom embroidery meets our exacting standards.  

Logo embroidery may be best done at the factory, and even before the goods are assembled (for example, on garments that are reversible or waterproof).  This is also true of, for example, cashmere sweaters and super-fine Egyptian cotton garments.  Corporate Golf evaluates the customization quality for each of our brands as well as their products and reputation.  You can rest assured that if we recommend factory embroidery on your order, it will meet the highest possible standard of quality. 

Embroidery "digitizing", or setup, is creating a set of computerized instructions that tell embroidery machines where and how to stitch thread - and the key to superb embroidery.  Because of the many differences between stitching and printing, creating a design in stitched thread that will have the same look and "feel" as a printed graphic logo is an art that may require not just a highly skilled, but a master artist.  (And surprise!  Not all those logos look complex or highly detailed.  For example, there's no such thing as color gradient thread, so logos with color gradients can't be embroidered to look exactly like a printed logo.  Only a master artist can interpret that look and create one that's possible to embroider with such a similar feel that you wouldn't initially notice that it's not identical to the original graphic.)   

A complex logo beautifully interpreted in threadEmbroidered logo
The digitizers who create the logos for Corporate Golf are masters - and most have won national awards for their creations.  


Embroidery machinesCorporate Golf's custom embroidery specialists are world class, with expert color matching, high-tech computerized application - and sufficient state-of-the-art embroidery heads that even large orders can be expertly and quickly completed.  (We also know how crucial it is for the gifts to arrive on-time for your event!)  

To assure the finest quality, each order is inspected upon the initial embroidery and during the process.  After embroidery, each piece is examined for quality.  Garments are steamed, then folded and poly-bagged to preserve the brand-new look during shipping.  

There is a one-time cost, based on the stitch count, to digitize your logo, which can then be applied to any garment, cap, hat, towel, etc. we supply.  Our embroidery application charges are based on the quantity of each order, as well as the stitch count of your logo.   

This is generally also the case with our manufacturers, although some charge a flat fee for logo application.  But again, if we recommend it, you can rest assured that it represents a total savings, and that the quality will be extraordinary.  Here are just two examples:

Cap with highly detailed embroidered logo
Highly detailed embroidered logoPlease click on a thumbnail to see the full-sized version of the examples of complex logos embroidered for Corporate Golf by our manufacturers.
Left: a logo embroidered by Callaway Golf on a golf bag.  
Right: an embroidered logo cap by Ahead. 



Because presentation is such an important factor in gift-giving, we also offer gift boxing and wrapping services.  We can supply boxes in a wide variety of sizes, colors and finishes, as well as tissue, ribbons, paper and other trims.  Or choose special gift boxes from Ahead, Bobby Jones, Cutter & Buck or other of our manufacturers.  If you prefer, we can custom-pack your goods in materials that you supply.  Want gift cards or special materials inserted?  No problem! 

Cutter & Buck gift boxes Right: Cutter & Buck gift boxes are available in two sizes with your custom logo label, and make a great presentation of your Cutter & Buck apparel gift.

Custom packaging is also available for custom logo golf balls from several of Corporate Golf's leading brands. Minimum quantities vary for custom production, depending on whether you simply want your company name and logo on the boxes, or a custom-designed shape or theme.  Please call us at (910) 215-0632 for details.  



While we do not handle fulfillment services in-house, we partner with leaders in fulfillment and inventory management.  Corporate Golf's partners provide top quality services from simple storage and bulk shipping to complete management and tracking of  single-order inquiry fulfillment on a catalog program.


How To Reach Us:

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Corporate Golf is located in the beautiful Village of Pinehurst, NC

We also invite you to use our INQUIRY FORM, however we can respond faster to phone calls or faxed inquiries. 

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Corporate Golf Custom Logo Embroidery

Corporate Golf offers the finest custom embroidery for golf shirts and other apparel, headwear, towels, and accessories with your corporate logo or company name.  We also offer custom gift boxing services, custom packaging, and more - all with top quality and fast turnaround.